The Tale of the Mrs. and Her Man




One day the Mrs. came to Her Man for she was in bad need of a hair cut. The Man, knowing that the Mrs. meant a dye, cut, blowout and style , said, "Alas, we lack the $150 required for the procedure." The Man loved the Mrs. and looked long and hard to find the $150 she so desperately needed every month. He finally turned to the great oracle (whose name was Google) and discovered a magical, short, but powerful answer: "Refi."

The Man had never thought about "Refi" before, but as he searched more and more, he discovered that it was the answer to all his financial problems. He quickly called the Mrs. and said "We can Refi!" Now, the Mrs. could go about town in style, and there was even money left for the Man to do His "manly type things!" Now the Mrs. and Her Man had the money they needed every month and they lived happily ever after!

This funny little story illustrates what thousands of home owners realize every year. Home owners have the ability to refinance (Refi) their existing home loan to a lower rate and save hundreds of dollars a month. At Alliance Home Mortgage Corporation, we are committed to helping you get the best loan at the best rate. Here are some thoughts to consider:

* Most loans originated 3 or more years ago are at a higher rate than the rates we have today.

* You may have equity in your home that can be used to make large purchases.

* Home loan rates are one of the lowest rates you can recieve. They are much lower than credit cards, most car loans, and recreational type loans.

* You may be able to get a lower payment every month as well as a lump-sum check when you Refi.

Let us help you find the right loan for your unique situation. Just like the Mrs. and Her Man, you might find the savings you need every month through a "Refi." Call us now at (606) 878-6000.


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